My Biodata / CV/ Curriculum Vitae



NAME:                                  Dr.Hamid Arshat

DATE OF BIRTH:                   4thJanuary, 1945

MARITAL STATUS:               Married with five children and 12 grandchildren

HOME ADDRESS:                 No. 21.Jalan Setiakasih Empat,
Kuala Lumpur

OFFICE ADDRESS:               Klinik Dr. Hamid Arshat,
                                                75M..Medan Setia Satu,
                                                Plaza Damansara,
                                                50490 Kuala Lumpur

QUALIFICATIONS:               MBBS(Malaya) 1970
                                                MRCOG (London) 1976
                                                FRCOG (London) 1987


Postgraduate Training, Experience and Course Attended

1. April 1970                            Graduated with MBBS from University of Malaya.

2. April – Sept. 1970                House Officer in Medicine at Melaka General Hospital.

3. Sept – March 1971              House Officer in Surgery at Melaka General Hospital.

4. April 1971 – Sept 1972        Medical Officer in Obstetrics & Gynaecology,
                                                Anaesthesia & Casuality, District Hospital, Muar, Johor

5.October 1972 Trainee lecturer in Obstetrics & Gynaecology, UKM.

                                                Passed MRCOG Part I Examination conducted
                                         in Singapore.

                               6.Oct1972 – June 1973          Medical Officer in Dept. of Obstetrics Gynaecology,
                                                University Hospital, Petaling Jaya.

7. July 1973 – Jan. 1974          Medical Officer in the Dept. of Urology and
                                                Nephrology, General Hospital, Kuala Lumpur.

8. Feb. 1974 – Jan. 1976         Registrar in the Dept. of Obstetrics & Gynaecology,
                                                University of Southampton, England.

9. December 1975                   Attended two weeks post graduated courses in
                                                Obstetrics & Gynaecology organised by the
                                                Institute of Obstetrics, Queen Charlotte Hospital,
                                                London, United Kingdom.

10. January 1976                      Passed final MRCOG Examination conducted
                                                in London, United Kingdom.

11. February 1976                    Returned to Malaysia and resumed duties as a lecturer
                                                in the Dept. of Obstetric & Gynaecology, UKM

12. November 1978                  Seconded to the National Family Planning Board Malaysia as the Director of Specialist&Reproductive Research Centre.

13. January 1st 1979                 Promoted to Associated Professor in the Dept. of
                                                Obstetrics & Gynaecology. UKM

14. May 1st 1983                     Promoted to Professor in the Dept. of Obstetrics &
                                                Gynaecology, UKM.

15. Feb 1985 – Feb 1989         Director-General of The National Population and
                                                Family Development Board, Malaysia.

16. Feb 1989 until now            Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, Pantai
                                                Medical Centre and Klinik Dr. Hamid Arshat, Plaza
                                                Damansara, Bukit Damansara.

17. Jan 2010 until now            Chairman and Board member of  Islamic Haealth          

Other Positions and Appointments

!983 – 1984  President of Obstetrics and Gynecology Society of Malaysia.

Special Courses and Fellowship Attended

1.         Fellowship in Reproductive Endocrinology for three months under the Colombo Plan Scholarship from October 1978 – December 1978.    Posted under Professor Rodney Shearman, Dept. of Obstetric & Gynaecology, University of Sydney.      Also visited Dept. of Obstetric & Gynaecology in
            Monash University, Melbourne, University of Adelaide and Canberra, Australia.

2.         Study Tour to well known Departments of Obstetric & Gynaecology, Reproductive Research Institutes and Family Planning Centres – one month in
            December 1978.    Places visited included:

            a)         University College Hospital       -           Professor Fairweather
                        London, United Kingdom.

            b)         Kings College Hospital -           Professor Stuart Campbell
                                                                                    Professor Kakkar
c)         St. Bartholomiew Hospital        -           Dr. Marcus Satchell
                                                                        Professor M. Besser

d)         Medical Research Council, Reproductive Research Division,
            Edinburgh Scotland – Professors Roger Short and Prof. David
            Baird.    Also visited Breast Cancer Screening Clinic in Edinburgh.

e)         Queen Anne Hospital for Women – Dept. of Obst. & Gynaecology,
            Southampton – Professor John Dennis.

f)          Dept. of Obstetrics & Gynaecology and JHPIEGO – Johns Hopkins
            University, Baltimore, Maryland – Professor Ted King and
            A. Professor Ronald Burkman.

g)         Women’s Hospital, University of Southern California, Los Angeles,
            USA – Professor Don Mishell.

h)         Karolinska Institute – Reproducive Research Unit, Stokholm, Sweden
            - Professor E. Dizefalusy.

i)          International Fertility Research Program, USA – Dr. Elton Kessel.

j)          Population Council, New York USA – Dr. Nash.

k)         Japanese Organization for International Cooperation in Family
            Planning (JOICEP) – Tokyo Japan – Mr. Kunmi.

3.         Advanced two week course in “Microsurgery of the Fallopian Tubes” in
            April 1980 at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Maryland USA under Dr. John Rock.

4.         Advanced one week course in “Human Sexual Dysfunction” in October 1981
            at Masters and Johns Institute, St. Louis, Missouri, USA under Professor
            Masters & Johnson.

5.         Fellowship in Cervical Pathology/Cytology and Colposcopy – two weeks in
            October 1981.    Worthington and Christie Hospitals Manchester, United
            Kingdom under Dr. Robert Yule and Blanche Butler.

6.         Visiting Professor to the Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, University
            Of Adelaide, Australia –17th – 23rd  October 1983.

International and National Seminars and Congresses

1.         British Congress of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, London, UK – 1975.

2.         Asian Congress of Obstetrician & Gynaecology, Bangkok, Thailand – 1977.

3.         Asian and Oceania Congress of Endocrinology – Singapore 1978.

4.         Symposium on “The Mechanism of Endometrial Bleeding” organised by
            WHO, Geneva – April 1979.

5.         Fourth International Congress of Voluntary Sterilization – Seoul, Korea
            - May 1979.

6.         Ninth World Congress of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Tokyo, Japan – Oct. 1979.

7.         Regional Seminar of Fertility Regulation – July 1980 – IGCC and IFRP.
            Presented two papers.

8.         Symposium on “Fertility Management” organised by WHO, NFPB and
            Obstetrical & Gynaecological Society Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur –
            February 1980 – served as the Organizing Chairman.

9.         Oceania and Asian Congress of Perinatology – Singapore.     As Chairman
            of a scientific session.

10.       Seminar on “Human Sexuality” in Kuala Lumpur – April 1080 organised
            by Obstetrician & Gynaecological Society, NFPB and Malaysian Psychiatric
            Association – as a member of organising committee.

11.       Expert group meeting on “Maternity Services in Developing Countries”
            Organised by the Royal College of Obstetrician & Gynaecologists,
            United Kingdom – April 1980 – as an observer.

12.       National seminar on “Reproductive Medicine” jointly organised by WHO,
            NFPB and Obstetrician & Gynaecological Society in Kuala Lumpur 1981
-         as Chairman of the organising committee.     Presented a paper on Filshie
Clip Sterilization.    Sponsored by Simon Population Trust, Great Britain.

13.       Seminar “Gynaecological Cancer” – jointly organised by NFPB, Obstetrical
            & Gynaecological Society and Malaysian Cancer Society – April 1982 – as
            a member of the organising committee and presented a scientific paper.

14.       Congress of Medicine – organised by the Academy of Medicine – Malaysia
            and Singapore – 1980.    Presented a paper on Outpatient Sterilization.

15.       First national seminar on “Perspectives of Perinatal Medicine” jointly
            Organised by UKM, NPFB and Ministry of Health – November 1981 as the
            Chairman of the organising committee.

16.       World Congress of Cervical Pathology and Colposcopy – London, United
            Kingdom – October 1981.

17.       First International Congress of Maternal and Neonatal Health, November
            1981 – Manila, Philippines.

18.       Seminar on “Update in Obstetrics & Gynaecology” – jointly organised by
            The Obstetrical & Gynaecological Society of Malaysia and NFPB – as a
            Member of organising committee.

19.       Workshop on “Recent Advances in Oral Contraception” May 1983 in
            Singapore organised by the International Health Foundation – as a participant.

20.       Fourth World Congress in Human Reproduction – Bombay, India – November
            27th – December 2nd 1983 – as a participant.

21.       Fifth International Conference on Voluntary Surgical Contraception -
            December 5th – 8th 1983 at Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic – as a
            resource person.

22.       Muslim Scholars Congress on “Development, Health and Population” in
            Jakarta, Indonesia – December 16th 20th, 1983 – as a participant.


Expert and Advisory Services

1.         Temporary advisor to World Health Organisation for the Workshop on
            “Medical Education” held in Manila in December 1977.

2.         Temporary advisor and member of the Task Force on Long Acting
            Fertility Regulating Agents, WHO Geneva.     Meetings attended:-
            i)          Steering Committee meeting in WHO Headquarters, Geneva,
                        Switzerland – April 1979.

            ii)         Steering Committee meeting and workshop on Recent Advances
                        in Fertility Regulation – Abadan, Nigeria in July 1979.

            iii)         Steering Committee meeting in Jena, East Germany – January 1980.

            iv)        Steering Committee meeting in Geneva – July 1980.

            v)         Steering Committee meeting in Kuala Lumpur, M’sia – January 1981.

            vi)        Steering Committee meeting in Geneva – July 1981.

            vii)        Steering Committee meeting in Bangkok – January 1982.

International Collaborations

1,         Johns Hopkins Program for International Education in Gynaecology and
            Obstetrics 9JHPIEGO), Baltimore Maryland, USA.    Serving as the Director
of “Training Programme in Reproductive Health and Endoscopy” for Malaysia.    A project fully funded by JHPIEGO.  To date 45 Malaysian doctors and 45 nurses have been trained in Gynaecological Laparoscopy.

2.         “Diploma Course in Family Planning for General Practitioners” – One year course jointly organised by the National Family Planning Board Malaysia, College of Practitioners Malaysia and JHPIEGO – as Course Director.

3.         International Fertility Research Programme 9 (IFRP) North Carolina, USA.    Served as Director of all research projects related to Contraception and Maternal and Child Health funded by IFRP.

4.         Simon Population Trust, United Kingdom –  served as Coordinator and Malaysian Project Director for clinical on new sterilization technology using “Filshie Clips”.

5.         International project for Voluntary Sterilzation New York, USA.      Served as Malaysian coordinator for the world wide project on the promotion of voluntary surgical contraception.

6.         Special Programme of Research in Human Reproduction, World Health Organisation, Geneva – served as Malaysian Collaborator in Human Reproductive Researches.

National Projects Related to Human Reproduction and Development

1.         Establishment of the National Institute of Human Reproductive Research on Human Development under the National Family Planning Board, with multi-dimentional approach and multiagency participation for the promotion of better quality and healthy human beings – served as the Director.

2.         Perinatal Project Malaysia – multiagency jointly undertaken by The National University of Malaysia, National Family Planning Board Malaysia – served as the Project Administrator and member of Steering Committee.

3.         Programme NADI “Keluarga Ku Sayang” – A multi-agency programme involving all the government departments in the Federal Territory for the promotion of socio-economic, health and educational status of urban squatters in Wilayah Persekutuan – served as Programme Coordinator.

4.         Publication of “Malaysian Journal of Reproductive Health”  - first issue in June 1982 – as Chief Editor.

5.         Asean Population Project entitled “Health and Family Planning – served as country Project Director.


1.         Evaluation of acceptability and risk benefits of sterilization technology, with special emphasis on outpatient laparoscopic sterilization.

2.         Assessment and treatment of subfertile males with special emphasis on the role of Vitamin E in the male fertility enhancement.     Undertaken as PhD thesis by NFPB Scientific Officer Encik Jaffar Ali, Bsc, Msc.

3.         Bleeding and coagulation problems among users of hormonal contraceptives – Undertaken as Msc thesis by NFPB Scientific Officer – Encik Baharum Yusof, Bsc.

4.         Biological Variation of Serum Prolactin in the Malay Females.    The research was undertaken by En. Hamim Rajikin for his Msc thesis.

5.         Other researches related to infertility management, endometriosis, cancer screening in family planning clients, sexual dysfunctions among family planning clients, traditional medicines and herbs etc.


1.         Hamid Arshat (1976) comparison of OGIT and IVGTT in Third Trimester Pregnancy MMJ Vol. xxxI.p.133-139.

2.         Hamid Arshat (1977) Extra amniotic PCE and intravenous oxytocin in termination of mid trimester pregnancy and in the management of missed abortion and hydatidiform mole – MMJ Vol. xxxII.

3.         M.M. Singh and Hamid Arshat (1977) – Comparison of oral and intravenous glucose tolerance in the diagnosis of diabetes in pregnancy.    British Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology 85 (536-546).

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11.       J. Ali, K. Hassan, H. Arshat (1981).   Effect of Oral Contraceptives in Malaysian users.
(i)         Iron metabolism, with special reference to serum ferritin levels and erythropoicois.
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12.       J. Ali, K. Hassan, H. Arshat (1981).   Effect of oral contraceptives in Malaysian users.
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14.       H. Rajikin, R. Abdullah, H. Arshat, Satgunasingam (1981).   Serum prolactin level at different stages of menstrual cycle and during a 24 hour period in Malay women.    Malaysian Medical Journal page 155-158 – September 1981. Vol. 26.

15.       H. Rajikin, R. Abdullah, H. Arshat, Satgunasingam (1981).   Serum prolactin level during pregnancy intrapartum and postpartum period in Malay women.
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16.       Puraviappan, H. Arshat (1981).   Long term complications of female sterilization.   Proceeding to the Asian Congress of Obstetrics & Gynaecology.

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18.       H. Arshat, Norlaily Aziz (1980).   Biomedical Research in Family Planning.   Proceeding of the Regional Seminar on Fertility Regulation IGCC – IRFP.

19.       H. Arshat, Boh S.K., Norlaily Aziz (1981).  Pap smear services in family planning clinics.   Proceedings of the Seminar in Gynaecological Cancer.

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28.       H.Arshat, J.Ali and Noor Laily A.B. (1983).    Falope ring sterilization in Malaysia.     Proceedings of the 4th World Congress on Human Reproduction, Bombay, India – 27 Nov – 2 Dec 1983.

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30.       H.Arshat, J. Ali, Noor Laily A.B. (1983).    Establishment of outpatient laparoscopic sterilization in Malaysia.    Proceedings of the Fifth International Concerence on Voluntary Sterilization, Dec. 4-8 1983.   Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

31.       H.Arshat, H.Abdul Kader, J. Ali and Noor Laily A.B. (1983).   Impact of family planning on perinatal mortality in Malaysia.   Proceedings of the Third Asia – Oceania Congress of Perinatology, 16-18 Dec. 1983, Calcutta, Inda.

32.       J. Ali, Kader A.H., K.Hassan and H.Arshat (1983).    Expressed breast milk Vitamin E status in 1000 Malaysian mothers – submitted for presentation at the 4th Asian Congress of Nutrition, Nov. 1-4, Bangkok, Thailand.

33.       H.Arshat, A.Yuliawiratman, J.Ali (1983).    A retrospective study of IUCD usage in Malaysian Family Planning Clinic. (In press).

34.       H.Arshat and Abdul Kader H.   Islamic Hospital for Mother and Child.


1.         “Mandul” (Infertility) by Hamid Arshat published by Utusan Melayu.

2.         “Mengetahui Tentang Haid” (Know about menses).

Monographs and Working Papers
1.         J. Ali and Hairunnishah A. Wadood (1982) Reproductive Research Centre Laboratories, National Family Planning Board.

2.         H. Arshat, J.Ali, Baharum Yusof (1982) Malaysian Reproductive Research Programme as an Institutional Centre. Theme: Better future generations of Malaysians.           

3.         J.  Ali (1983) A concise report on the Specialist and Reproductive Research Centre, National Family Planning Board, KL Malaysia.   Past, present and future.

4.         J. Ali (1982) Bibliography of Publications of the Reproductive Research Centre, National Family Planning Board, Malaysia (1976-1982).

5.         H. Arshat, J. Ali and Noor Laily A.B. (1983) How to bring the pill to the people:  The Malaysian experience.

6.         H. Arshat, J.Ali and Kamarul Faridah K.Z. (1983).  Proposal for the establishment of maternal and child nutrition clinic, advisory centre and applied research unit in human nutrition at the Reproductive Research Centre, the National Family Planning Board.   Theme:  Towards better future generations of Malaysians.

7.         H. Arshat, J. Ali and Hairunnishah.A.W. (1983).  A fund raising proposal for patients in need of in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer for the alleviation of infertility.

8.         J. Ali and H. Arshat (1983).  UNFPA Project Proposal:   Proposal to strengthen and infrastructure facilities and resources of the Specialist and Reproductive Research Centre, National Family Planning Board (Mal/79/P08-Biomedical Component).

9.         J. Ali and H.Arshat (1983) UNFPA Project Proposal: Career development and training programme for National Family Planning Programme – Mal/79/P09).    Fellowship/study awards for the Specialist & Reproductive Research Centre.

10.       J. Ali and H. Arshat (1983) Project Proposal:  Second Population and Family Health Project under the World Bank Loan Scheme II.   Fellowship/Study awards for the Specialist and Reproductive Research Centre.

11.       H. Arshat, J. Ali and rosnah Ismail (1983).  Sex Pre-selection Prior to Conception.   Reproductive Health Guide Series (Family Planning subjects information brochure).

12.       Ng K.C., Soo K.B., J.Ali and H.Arshat (1983).  Mass cervical pap smear screening: Our experience.

Participation/presentations at Workshops/Seminars and Conferences

5/01/81            Attended WHO Steering Committee Meeting on Long Acting Fertility Regulating Agent.

9/01/81            Participated in Symposium on Reproductive Medicine.

21.02/81          Participated in Workshop on Epidemiology of Reproductive Health.

1/04/81            Chaired the session on Child & Family Welfare Programmes in Singapore at Better Communication in Family Health Seminar..

16/05/81          Presented paper on Pap Smear at the Gynaecological Cancer Seminar.

6/06/81            Presented paper on “Current Family Planning Practise in Malaysia” at the UPAM Seminar.

13/07/81          Attended WHO Steering Committee Meeting in Geneva, Switzerland.

17/08/81          Participated in Sex Counselling Workshop at Rasa Sayang Hotel, Penang.

12/09/81          Participated in Research Utilization Seminar at Port Dickson.

11/10/81          Attended Fourth World Congress for Cervical Pathology and Colposcopy in London.

9/11/81            Attended Postgraduate Workshop on Human and Sexual Function and Dysfunction at St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

                        Attend “First International Congress of Maternal and Neonatal Health, in Manila, Philippines.
13/08/81          Chairman of Organising Committee for Perinatal Seminar.

11 – 15
Jan 1981          Attended Steering Committee for Task Force on Long Acting Fertility Regulating Agents, WHO in Bangkok, Thailand.

8/05/82            Presented paper “Outpatient Laparoscopic Assessment” of Female Infertility at the Seminar on Maternal health organised by the O & G Society of Malaysia.

14/05/82          Presented a paper “Gynaecological Laparoscopy” at Doctors Meeting in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

7-11/06/82       Attended the Congress of O & G in Bandung, Indonesia.

27/06/82          Presented a paper “Gynaecological Microsurgery” at the Annual Scientific Meeting of College of Surgeons of Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur.

10/09/82          Chairman, Scientific Session of “Antenatal Diagnosis of Thalassemia” at the Seminar/Workshop on Thalassemia and Haemoglobinapathies organised by The Malaysian Society of Pathologist.

12/09/82          Presented a paper and video production entitled “Reversal of Sterilization by Microsurgical Technique” at the Seminar on Update in Infertility organised by O & G Society of Malaysia.

13/09/82          Course Director and organising Chairman of “Advanced Course on Infertility Management” jointly organised by National Family Planning Board, National University of Malaysia and Malaysian Fertility Society.

20/10/82          Participated as a member of the panel board at the “Human Resources and Economic Development, Policy and Programme Implications from Household Data Workshop.    This Workshop was organised by The Rand Corporation USA and it was held in Penang.

8/09/82            Participated as Chairman in Plenary II during the Maternal Mortality Seminar organised by the Ministry of Health Malaysia.

16/11/82          Attended meeting on ASEAN Population Programme on Health and Family Planning in Jakarta, Indonesia.

29/11/82          Attended “Twelfth Meeting of Agencies Interested in the Special Programme of Research, Development and Research Training in Human Reproduction” in Geneva, Switzerland.


17/10/83          Presented two papers in the University of Adelaide Australia:
i)          Malaysian Family Planning Programme.
                        ii)         Outpatient Sterilization in Malaysia.

27/11/83          Fourth World Congress of Human Reproduction – Bombay, India
                        Presented three papers:
                        i)          Filshie Clip Sterilization – Trial in Malaysia.
                        ii)         Immediate Postpartum Laparoscopic Sterilization using
                                      Fallope Rings.
                        iii)         Fallope ring sterilization.

5/12/83            Fifth International Conference on Voluntary Surgical Contraception at Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic – presented a paper “Establishment of Outpatient Laparoscopic Sterilization in the Malaysian Family Planning Programme.

Other Academic Activities
1)         Supervised one Phd student at Tulane University, USA in the area of Family Planning.   (Thesis entitled “Family Planning Behaviour and Attitudes in Urban Malaysia:   some socioeconomic considerations”).

2)         Supervised Msc thesis by Hamim Rajikin entitled “Physiological Variations in the Serum Prolactin Levels in Malay Women”.

Articles published in Women’s monthly magazine.

                                   Topic                                                    Month              Year

1.         Natural Method of Family Planning                               March              1979
2.         Role of Women in Reproduction                                   April                 1979
3.         Intra Uterine Device                                                      May                 1979
4.         Deformed Babies                                                          May                 1979
5.         What is Prolapse of the Uterus?                                    September        1979
6.         How the Oral Contraceptive works?                             October           1979
7.         Stillbirths                                                                      November        1979
8.         Vaginal Discharge                                                         December        1979
9.         What is D & C?                                                           March              1980
10.       Surrogate Motherhood                                     June                 1980
11.       Modern Women’s Problems                                         November        1980
12.       Causes of Dysmenorrhea                                              May                 1981
13.       Preventing Birth Defects                                                May                 1981

14.       Twin Delivery                                                               June                 1981
15.       Infertility Psychological Aspects                                    October           1981
16.       Problems in Pregnancy                                      October           1981
17.       Pap Smear:  Cancer Detection                          July                  1981
18.       Menopause                                                                  September        1981
19.       Modern Women’s Problem                                          January 1982

Lectures Delivered to Doctors

Date                             Participants                                           Topic              

6/08/80            Doctors from Ministry of Health            Hormonal contraceptives and
                                                                                    guidelines on the use of steroidal

22/09/79          Doctors from Ministry of Health            Female Sterilization
                        & General Practitioners – Klang

23/02/80          Doctors from Ministry of Health            Hormonal Replacement Therapy
                        & General Practitioners – Kota Baru

29/03/80          Doctors from Ministry of Health            Hormonal contraceptives and
                        & General Practitioners – Penang          guidelines on the use of Steroidal

28/02/81          Doctors from Ministry of Health            Gynaecological Laparoscopy
                        & General Practitioners – Kuching

6/03/81            Doctors from Ministry of Health            Gynaecological Laparoscopy
                        & General Practitioners – Kota
                        Kinabalu, Sabah.

14/04/81          Doctors from Ministry of Health            Sterilization
                        & General Practitioners – Alor Star

23/08/81          Doctors from Ministry of Health            Female Sterilization and
                        & General Practitioners – Ipoh  Laparoscopy

19/12/81          Doctors from Ministry of Health            Antenatal Diagnosis and           
                        & General Practitioners – Kuching        Genetic Counselling

29/01/82          Doctors from Ministry of Health            Genetics, Fertility and   
                        & General Practitioners                         Maternal Health

14/05/82          Doctors from Ministry of Health            Laparoscopy – Indications and
                        & General Practitioners – Kota             Techniques
                        Kinabalu, Sabah

18/06/82          Doctors from Ministry of Health            Gynaecology Laparoscopy
                        & General Practitioners – Miri,

Lectures delivered to Sisters, Staff Nurses and Assistant Nurses

Date                             Participants                                                       Topic

4.09/80            Sister tutors from Ministry of     Methods of Fertility Regulation

19/09/80          Sisters and staff nurses from                  Abortions – causes, effects and
                        Ministry of Health                                 its relationship to family planning
                                                                                    and infertility problems.

9/12/80            Staff nurses from Ministry of                 Other hormonal method

23/01/80          Staff nurses from Institute of                  Abortions – causes, effects and
                        Public Health                                        its relationship to family planning

13/02/81          Sisters and staff members from  Abortions – causes, effects and
                        Ministry of Health                                 its relationship to family planning

9/03/81            Staff nurses from Ministry of                 Abortions – causes, effects and
                        Ministry of Health                                 its relationship to family planning

14/05/81          Staff nurses from Federation of             Methods of fertility regulation
                        Planning Association                             and management of patients in

12/06/81          Staff nurses from Institute of                  Methods of Fertility Regulation
                        Public Health

12/02/82          Assistant nurses from Ministry   Infertility and Sterilization –
                        of Health                                              male and female

26/06/82          Staff nurses from Institute of                  Infertility management and
                        Public Health                                        family health

9/08/82            Sisters and staff nurses from                  Management of clinical
                        Ministry of Health                                 programmes

Lectures delivered to Community

 Date                            Participants                                           Topic

29/01/81          UMNO – Kota Bahru, Kelantan           Family Health & Development

2/02/81            UMNO – Kuala Lumpur                      Family Health & Development

21/02/81          UMNO – Div. of Damansara                Population Concept and Family

4/03/81            Police Training Centre               Family Health & Development

21/05/81          Army Officers Wives, TUDM   Maternal Health
                        Kinrara (BAKAT)       

20/08/81          Estate Managers and Visiting                Contraceptive Technology
                        Medical Officers

20/08/81          Teacher Trainees at Technical   Family Health & Development
                        Training College

4/09/81            Army Officers Wives, TUDM   Family and Child Welfare
                        Kinrara (BAKAT)

20/08/81          Estate Managers                                   Recent Development in
                                                                                    Contraceptive Technology

25/08/81          Headmasters/Headmistress                   Family Health & Development

18/09/81          Army Officers Wives, TUDM   Family and Child Welfare
                        Kinrara (BAKAT)

19/09/81          Would be Brides & Bridegrooms          Family Health & Development

20/09/81          Women’s Organization of                     Genetics & the future generations

17/10/81          Field Officers (NFPB)                          Essentials of Health in Family

19/11/81          Malaysian Airline System Staff  Family Planning

24/11/81          Staff of “Syarikat Perumahan                Family Planning
                        Pegawai Pegawai Kerajaan”

30/11/81          Staff of DBKL                                      Family Planning


29/01/82          Women’s Leaders – K.Terengganu       Family Health & Development

12/02/82          Traditional Midwives & Wanita             Maternal and Neonatal Health
UMNO – Penang

24/02/82          Students of University Malaya   Family Planning

27/03/82          Lady Officers of Ministry of Works       Women’s Health
29/03/82          Urban Youths                                       Family Planning

27/05/82          Members of PUSPITA             Family Health & Development

21/06/82          Members of BAKAT                           Family Health & Development

13/08/82          Law Students - University Malaya         Family Planning

08/09/82          Members of KESPA Club                    Family Health & Development

08/09/82          Members of Kesuma Ratu                    Women’s Beauty

20/09/82          Government Senior Officers’                 Family Health & Development

22/09/82          National Family Planning Staff   Family Health & Development

13/11/82          Women’s Institution – Johor                 Care of Baby & Mother in

12/03/83          Women Members of Taman                 Women’s Health

15/04/83          Army Officers’ Wives (BAKAT)            Women’s Health

08/04/83          Workers Union (FELDA)                     Women’s Health in Employment

06/08/83          Women’s Movement UMNO               Family Health & Development

05/11/83          Women’s Movement UMNO               Family Health & Development

06/11/83          Women’s PERKIM                              Family Health & Development

21/11/83          Women’s Seminar – Johor                    Family Health & Development

14/12/83          Civics Course – organised by    Family Health & Development
                        Information and PERKIM – Johor

Appeared on television programme of ‘KESUMA”

Date                                  Topic

11/06/81          Abortion (Pengguguran)

23/07/81          Cancer of Cervix

29/09/82          1)         Menopause (Putus Haid)

                        2)         Menstrual Disorders (Gangguan Haid)

                        3)         Guide to Women Performing Haj (Panduan Wanita
                                    Untuk Haji dan Umrah)

12/01/83          1)         Problems in Pregnancy (Masalah Ketika Hamil)

                        2)         Traditional vs Modern Health Care in Pregnancy

                                    (Jagaan secara tradisional dan moden)

22/11/83          Privitization of Health Services in Malaysia


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