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Muasabah diri

Self Appraisal Looking back

Most people would like to be rememberred for their achievements and greatness and expecting others to forget and forgive their past imperfect and failures. On personal level we should not dismiss our shortcomings and failures, use them as your guide and motivation for your future. I sometime wish I could turn back the wheel of events in life and correct all those mistakes but we all know that is impossible.

I must admit that I had a fantastic childhood even though I was born to a poor rubber tapper whose grand parents were migrants from a neighbouring country aiming for a better life. I was glad that I was able to to trace back my roots and I will relate this later on. Back to my childhood, I can tell you only those facts which I can remember.

I usually reflect my childhood days with two of my elder bothers, Mahfuz who is currently more than 75 years of age but still active and healthy. Unfortunately my other brother Bakar just rece…