Saturday, May 23, 2015

Saturday, May 16, 2015

My Garden

Optimise GST = Guna Semua Tenaga

My backyard garden. Alhamdulillah with hard work toiling the soil and planting fruit trees, vegetables and herbs, with grace of Allah, i manage to reap good harvest of fruits and vegetables.
I also rear some tilapia fish in a small pond. The fish feed mainly on leaves of mulberry, spinach, kangkong etc.
No matter how small your garden you can plant something , vegetable or herbs. Just need a bit of effort and time. Some people do roof top gardening. Some have planted papaya and other fruits at their house balcony.
Urban farming is the way to go. More so now with escalating cost of foodstuffs. Do no let GST disturb your life . Let interpret GST as ' Guna Semua Tenaga '. 😁😂😂😂

Passion fruits

Pisang raja enak dimakan. Sumber potassium.

Air kelapa muda banyak khasiat kesihatan.

                     Lemon grass
                             Mulberry mengdungi banyak antioksidant.

                    Relax enjoy fresh sugar cane
                     Tujuh jarom anti kanser
                     Buah ajaib jadi pemanis bila makan buah masam.

                     Fried tilapia delicious
                     Tilapia fish

Daun lemuni make good nasi kerabu
  Pisang nipah make delicious goreng pisang

Herbs - ulam raja dan sambung nyawa
Pucuk paku